Springtime here in east Texas is an explosion of bird song and blossoms, and the perfect time to share the latest updates to the PCDworks website. We're excited to be able to share more of what we've been working on, and how our company is growing and adapting to the changes in the marketplace. We'll be sharing news about upcoming events, projects, and opportunities to connect, so come back often and thank you for your interest in our little corner of the internet.

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Innovative Problem-Solving Starts with Problem-SEEKING: So Whose Job Is It?

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned about innovation came from a group of college kids. I was teaching an industrial design course, and on the very first day, I gave them an assignment: “Go home and ask your family, ‘What makes your life crazy?’ Then think about how you could solve that problem.”They came back to class with all sorts of ideas, from special blenders to a hair bonnet that let you comfortably sleep with rollers in your hair...