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No matter the discipline, we're always excited to take on new challenges and opportunities to create, explore, learn, and innovate.

Electrical Engineering

Because many of our solutions require electro-mechanical subsystems, we maintain strong electrical engineering capabilities across a range of disciplines including firmware design, software design, RF communication, and analog communication systems.

Mechanical Engineering

With extensive engineering capabilities, we provide a full range of services, including 3D CAD layouts, electronic circuit design, analytical modeling, and multi-physics simulation. Our mechanical engineering team is dedicated to quickly producing strong designs and performing engineering calculations to verify your concept’s validity.

Mathematical Modeling

Mathematical modeling is a valuable tool to use when tackling problems that have plagued industries for years. It's especially beneficial for complex and high-risk New Product Development projects. After all, what we learn from mathematical simulations enables us to mitigate as much risk as possible before the design and building process even begins.

Sensors and IoT

In our state-of-the-art research and development lab, it's possible to design, prototype, and evaluate concepts that enable devices and machines to communicate over the internet. We have the engineering and technological know-how to design sensors, gather and clean data, and develop the communication layers and user interface to create an loT product from scratch.

Software Engineering

Our engineers can handle any type of problem from small time-sensitive embedded software to high demand full-stack web applications. We can also provide cross-platform desktop applications for Linux, macOS, Windows as well as mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Prototyping and Testing

PCDworks has full prototyping capabilities, from electronic circuits to heavy metal. We also feature a full prototype test lab with complete National Instruments setup.

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