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A basecamp is a strategic spot on a mountain that gives the bold souls daring to reach the summit a place to prepare themselves and their gear for the journey. The basecamp doesn't get climbers to the top of the mountain, but instead prepares them for the trials ahead, de-risking the venture to ensure success. Just ask the founders of Renewell.

You'll find our HardTech Basecamp functions in much the same way.

Here, you and your team will stay on an 80-acre campus in the quiet hills of the Piney Woods Region of East Texas, free from distraction. You'll work on your project in an equipment-rich environment with PCDworks innovation mentors, engineers, and tradesmen. Each one available 24/7 to help you design and build your “hard” physical innovation. Every day, you'll learn, fail fast, and push forward while avoiding pitfalls.

Our East Texas Campus

Since focused, full immersion is the fastest path to success, you can plan to stay a while. You'll dwell in a comfortable guest house on our beautiful campus where you'll live and eat with the founders and other entrepreneurs as family to foster team building and nurture creative problem-solving. The entire experience is designed to focus the spirit of creativity and camaraderie and accelerate your project to the next stage.

We strive to make CAMPERS HAPPY

HardTech Basecamp teams with PCDworks where our engineers work every day in the product development business. You'll have access to these professionals as well as to our facilities. This includes a machine shop workspace, office space to continue to work on the “paperwork” part of your project, and conference rooms for team meetings.

You also have access to our engineering and office software, our video studio, 3D printing, prototyping equipment, and testing hardware, which can save you precious time and capital. There's even a gym and a game room to go along with 8 guest rooms with private bathrooms and queen size beds. In short, we have everything you need to be a happy—and highly productive—camper.

Renewell: A Basecamp Success Story

What if abandoned oil wells could serve as energy storage units for renewables like wind and solar? Texas startup Renewell Energy saw an opportunity, and engaged PCDworks to help bring it to life.

Here's what separates us from THE PACK

Most incubators or accelerators provide office space and mentoring that target early business development challenges. Things like market analysis, financial modeling, pitch development, and business model refinement.

But, to maximize valuation, your startup must also make significant strides in developing your technology. HardTech Basecamp enables you to move quickly through technology readiness levels, develop robust solutions, and use capital efficiently.

How? With our expertise in electrical, mechanical, and software engineering; as well as material science and mathematical and multi-physics modeling. With our ability to conduct testing and certification up to (1A), Intrinsically Safe UL levels. And with our Design for Manufacturing (DFM) experience and manufacturing and sourcing connections in China, Romania, Germany, and the US.

Once your initial prototype is built and tested, tap into our 25 years of commercialization experience to help with what Thomas Edison called the “99% Perspiration” part of innovation, which is bringing your product into the marketplace.

This broad set of capabilities, coupled with our diverse a skill set, is what allows us to help you get your product to market fast.

Is HardTech Basecamp right for you?

Chances are we're a good fit, if:

  • Your idea or product is predominantly a physical “hardtech” product, though we do electronics, hardware and software well.
  • Your idea has been externally vetted (Accelerator, Award based competition, Awarded a Grant, Other Incubator, Entrepreneurial Program).
  • Your group has a vetted idea but needs help designing or building the prototype.
  • You're passionate and motivated about innovation and technology.
  • You're willing to put skin in the game, meaning you're able to come with some initial funding which may be augmented by our investors, depending on where you are in your development process and the strength of your “pitch”.

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