In a recent Lab to Startup podcast episode, “PCDworks: Hardtech Base Camp Incubator for Building Hardware Products,” PCDworks’  co-founders Donna Rainone and Mike Rainone, dove into the history and future of the company with the podcast’s host, Dr. Naresh Sunkara.

As described by Lab to Startup, a podcast that showcases what’s needed to translate lab research to startups, “PCDworks is a technology development company that helped develop hardware for over 50 big companies in the oil and gas, transportation, healthcare and several other industries; and now helping startups with a new incubator model.”

During the podcast, Donna and Mike discussed their past work with large companies and now their focus: startup product development. They shared the processes through which they guide startups, starting at their HardTech Basecamp in rural Texas and then along the climb to bring their concept and company to reality. 

The entire podcast can be heard here:

Interested in learning more about PCDworks’ and our HardTech Basecamp? Reach out.

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